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we are currently working with a new material we named Renet.
Renet is made out of recovered plastics. Through thermo-fusion techniques we combine reclaimed plastic nets from food and construction industries with silo-bags recovered from the agricultural production. Pressure and temperature merge these waste materials, generating a new material with a unique pattern. Renet is resistant, light, waterproof and easy to clean. Let's Make Trash Becomes Treasures.



The key material is the “safety net” used in construction sites at New York City.

The high visibility orange safety net is highly symbolic and an important part of newyorkers identity.

It frames the skyline, protects and dyes the uncontable real state projects in the city.

This net is discarded in huge quantities, it is not recycled due to it´s complex composition. It final destination is landfils.

We envision another destiny. Let's Save the Net.

yellow backpack1 backpack_2306.jpg
yellow backpack1 backpack_2006.jpg


The products accompany users on their daily urban shuffle. Each one offers a solution to a specific carrying need: keeping technology safe, shopping, hauling, and the many carrying demands of the city’s frenetic pace. 
It is build with non-conventionals materials -scraps, dead-stocks and others- which works as poetic winks to the users.


The key material is the "shading netting" commonly used for sun protection on outdoor spaces. The idea is to resignificate this material, transferring it from one world to another, taking advantage of its remarkable features; resistence, lightness and very easy to clean.


Embroidery & sewing techniques on non-conventional assembled materials are combined to create Argenta Vedette. This piece is an identity symbol, portable fragment of Argentina.


Made out of recovered taylor garments. Each product is the result of de-construction, experimentation and play. Tailoring works as aesthetical and conceptual trigger, suggesting a way of slow production that pays attention to each piece and specializes in handmade textil collage. The result are unique pieces that dialogue between tailoring and leather goods, artisanal and industrial production, transport and style.

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